What's On My Mind

I've been thinking a lot about mindset lately.

I had an amazing week...

I helped a great client feel confident charging what he's worth.

I talked to a senior partner through leading his team to greater heights.

I worked with a senior account manager to feel great about continuing to add value with a prospect, even though she hadn't gotten a response beforehand.

Every one of them had success at the next turn.

The common denominator to their success?


What is the most important mindset change I see?

From falling in love with your product to falling in love with the client's problem.

From what you can get to what you can give.

From selfish to selfless

What We Just Created

Speaking of mindset...

Here are some inspirational episodes to help you!

Katrina Johnson Ph.D. on the mindset shift to realize focusing on growth is great.

(Katrina is an amazing rainmaker working with the top Private Equity firms in the world. She did a lot of the core research for The Snowball System and GrowBIG Training!)

Cannon Carr, CEO of Corner Capital, on the mindset shift to systematizing BD.

(Cannon is one of the most inspirational leaders I've ever met! He's a deep, technical, financial advisor, leader, and a rainmaker on top of that)

What's Worth Lingering On

Back to mindset.

The client I worked with on feeling great about his rates was able to raise them over 2x after our chat.

Better yet, his client loved the approach.

The amazing thing?

It was all mindset.

Sure, we used GrowBIG Training to frame the offer, anchoring on the value he'd provide.

Yes, we walked through the exact words to say using The Snowball System techniques.

But it took guts.

He had to have the guts to raise his rates 2x from his initial thinking.

And he did it.

Better yet?

The results were fantastic.

This got me wondering.

All our trainings are rooted in science and simple steps, but I wonder how much of the success boils down to mindset.

It is realizing a mindset or belief is holding us back and then tackling it.

Head on.

This is a great question to ask yourself from time to time.

What mindset is holding you back?