Here's some answers about questions.

We talk a lot in our training about designing and asking great questions. 

It's a big part of The Snowball System. See Chapter 7 -- Turning Leads Into Clients.

In that chapter, we cover our Gravitas Model, a great way of designing initial questions to ask prospects, clients, and anyone else. 

But, I truly believe one kind of question is the best one. 

The follow-up question.

Initial questions are important.

They show you did your homework. They can display your expertise. 

If you ask initial questions, then the person responding can share their own unique perspective with you, which is intrinsically rewarding for them. Disclosing information about themselves is enjoyable.

(The science behind this can be found: here)

Answering questions gives that person a high. 

Great initial questions get things started right. 

But great follow-up questions are even more powerful. 

And they highly correlate to being more likeable. 

(The science behind this can be found: here.)

Imagine you're on a Zoom call. You're waiting on one more person to join before officially getting started. A client mentions that they'll be on vacation next week. 

You ask, "Where are you going?"


"Oh wow! I've been there a few times. Are you staying in Curry Village? At The Ahwahnee? Camping?"

“We're staying in Curry Village with our kids! We'll be there five days and have all kinds of things planned. We're really excited. Have you been there?”


They're excited to share more. You become instantly more likeable. 

It would have been easy for you to ignore the fact they mentioned they'd be on vacation. 

It would have been easy for you not ask a follow up after they said "Yosemite." 

But the magic happened in that second follow-up question. 

I can imagine 10+ minutes of connections made from that point forward.

Likeability. Lots of fun follow ups too over the next few weeks. 

Questions are super important. Designing the right ones is worth the time.

But follow-up questions are the best. 

Here's a few questions for you to linger on.

How can you drive more engagement in meetings with great initial questions?

And how can you use follow-up questions after that?

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