What's On My Mind

Time for speed!

There's one thing that all professionals hate.

The buying process goes too slow.

You know the questions your boss asks–when are we going to get started? When will this close?

Pick a date. No matter what, it always seems like it takes twice as long.

How do you speed things up?

I'll cover three ways in this series.

This is especially powerful for private market opportunities and when things have to be put out to bid, to get them started by shaping the agenda at the client.

Lesson One: Make It Simple.

It's amazing how simple Make It Simple is.

But it's...

Common wisdom, uncommonly done.

Why is that?

As experts, we can thrive on our content.

We've seen it all. We know a ton. We want to share decades of expertise in a one-hour meeting.

There's so much to cover! We need that new slide! Talk fast!

The problem?

At the end of a meeting, our clients are thankful and ... confused.

So how do you speed things up by making things simple?

I'll tell you how below!

What We Just Created


Last week I made a called shot, telling you I'd announce our biggest value add ever.

Here it is.

I've worked with our entire team to record...

The Top 100 micro, power-packed things you need to know to be great at growth.

These are easy to digest, usually 5 to 8 minutes long so you can grab them on the go.

They're dripped out on weekday mornings on all podcast platforms and YouTube over 20 weeks, so you can easily absorb and implement them.

And...they're all in a sequenced, logical format to make things easy to follow and apply to an entire team.

It's the most comprehensive overview we've ever created on video.

We've created this so you can...

  1. Bring new team members up to speed on our system.
  2. Reinforce the learnings for people that already use our content.
  3. Scale the language and learnings across your entire team.

Best of all?

It's 100% on us. No charge. No joke!

I'm SO excited about this.

It took two full days to map this out, four days in the studio to record, and countless days to edit and produce. I lost my voice multiple times in recording.

And even more good news...

I'm giving you GrowBIG Playbook subscribers a sneak peak!

These will all drop on all platforms on 8/1.

But everyone reading this gets to see it early.


Click that link.

Then subscribe and "ring the bell" on YouTube, so you'll get notified when new episodes start dropping!

Let me know what you think of this!

What's Worth Lingering On

OK, here's how to Make It Simple.

Think about this dichotomy.

It's fine for your client to know your work and expertise is complex.

But the next step should be simple.

These are two very different things.

Before every BD meeting, think through the possible next steps. Your calls to action.

Map that out. Come to the meeting with a most-likely recommendation in mind.

You can flex in the meeting, changing things as needed. But stick to figuring out the simple next step.

Top worldwide speech coach Pat Quinn has a saying I love.

(I interviewed Pat HERE and it's one of our best episodes ever! Pure gold and especially valuable if you want to convert on your speeches and pitches.)

He says...

A great presentation is like a sidewalkt leads to one decision.


Your clients have a million things going on. They're juggling things all day long. Confetti time!

You're one decision is one of hundreds they'll make that day.

Make the next step easy.

Make It Simple.


ps. Next we will build on this, giving you the next step to succeed...