An amazing client and friend of mine once told me a compelling story.

If you want to make sure you do something, get an Accountability Partner. 

Someone to learn alongside. 

Someone to share your goals with—and ask you if you did them. 

Someone to get in your grill if you don't--and celebrate with you if you do. 

Accountability Partners accelerate results.

Here's the story he told me. 

Let's say two people are at a conference staying at the same hotel. You both want to get up early and go for a run. 

Level One:

Most people don't have an accountability partner. They're going to hit snooze. 

Maybe 10% of people run. 

Level Two:

Two people might say, "let's meet in the lobby at 6 am." The problem? You could still miss, and the other person can run. 

Maybe 60% of people run. 

Level Three:you each take the other person's running shoes with you to your room. 

After deciding when you'll meet in the lobby,

100% success!


The other person is relying on you to show up. 

This switches the paradigm from I need to do something to they need my help to do something.

That's the power of Accountability Partners. 

Choose an Accountability Partner, then:

  • Have an initial meeting to share your BD goals, what you'll each measure, and choose a cadence/time to have ongoing meetings. 

  • At the ongoing meetings, share your numbers and what you plan to do next. 

  • Help your partner keep moving forward by focusing on what they can control, divorcing themselves from long-term outcomes. Like my wife Becky says, just keep going

Do that week over week. 

Do it for yourself. 

Do it for the other person. 

Accountability Partners and similar small groups can really drive growth. 

Growth in personal development. 

Growth in books of business and relationships. 

And growth in results. 

Ask yourself...

Who should you swap your running shoes with?

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