I stumbled across some new research today -- and it's compelling. 

Did you know we humans are exceptionally good at overestimating our abilities for skills we use often?

Science here

I had seen research about our inflated self-assessments for things like driving, where most people give themselves an assessment of 7 out of 10!

But I didn't realize how broad the problem was. 

In the study above, they tested people's self-assessments in their abilities at things like humor, grammar, and even logic. 

Sadly, most were completely unaware of their own abilities, even if they were really bad at the skill. 

Those in the bottom quartile had an average ability of the 12th percentile--yet rated themselves at 62nd!

This reminded me of a great study by Dr. Victor Ottati. 

Science here

He found that most experts -- probably all of us reading this -- likely have something called earned dogmatism.

The more expertise we perceive we have in an area, the more closed-minded we become. 

It's almost like our ego starts to turn off the curiosity we used to gain our hard-won expertise. 

Not good.

Here's the deal...

To be truly great, we have to fight against both headwinds!

  1. We have to avoid thinking we're better than we are and
  2. We have to work hard to stay curious and keep growing.

We are rating ourselves too highly and closing our minds to learning more.

I've been repeating something to myself lately. 

I know nothing about business development. 

Seriously, nothing.

Yeah, I know, that's not exactly what we should write at the top of our website. 

That would send the right message about our credibility, right?!

But that little phrase is powerful. 

It opens my mind, making me curious. 

It makes me realize I have a lot more to learn. 

It gets me excited about testing new techniques. 

It's a crazy question, but one worth asking. 

What would benefit you to know nothing about?

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