I lost all my momentum on something last fall.

All of it.

Having your flywheel completely stop on something feels awful.

Luckily, the big things were going great.

  • After some very stressful beginnings, both girls were humming along at the right colleges.
  • My wife finalized her non-profit for equine therapy, and people loved it.
  • Even with pandemic headwinds, we were on track to beat our growth goals at BIG.

These were amazing accomplishments.


It didn't feel like all the progress I wanted.

It's funny how losing momentum in one area can make me feel like I didn't do enough.

The focus on those areas took all my momentum out of gearing up for Season 2 of Real Relationships, Real Revenue.

I made it to the Holidays, but was emotionally spent.

I took 2 weeks off, and realized I needed that time more than any other break I can remember.

What a year.

We celebrated. We cooked. We played Wingspan.

And when I came back in early January, I knew I had to get the podcast flywheel going again.

Getting momentum going is tough.

I felt lucky though.

I had just done a bunch of research, and created a complimentary course on Business Development Campaigns.

Time to drink my own champagne!

BD Campaigns are perfect for getting your flywheel going for a project or your entire book of business.

They create marketplace momentum.

They uncover client needs.

They generate referrals.

The key tips?

1) Build a plan, starting with a list of relationships. It's usually important to include clients, prospects and... strategic partners.

2) Determine a helpful, personalized outreach strategy for each person using one of the 3 key methods that work. (I explain these in the course.)

Go slow to go fast.

3) Execute the overall plan, focusing on one key metric you can control.

(I tracked my asks for the next step.)

4) Set daily goals for what you can control. Keep reaching out, divorcing yourself from worrying about a response.

Keep adding value. Keep offering help. Keep going.

If you stick with it, the results are phenomenal.

For me, we now have ~30 amazing guests podcast that have already recorded or getting set to.

Meeting these people and learning from them has been the highlight of 2021.

It energizes me so much!

And it wouldn't have happened without a BD Campaign.

The flywheel now?

It's flying on its own.

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