We were leading a live, virtual training this week helping one of my favorite clients creating demand with theirs; something really struck this group!

As we were training this amazing group of experts on how to be proactively helpful using our Give To Get method, it was the math that was interesting to the group.

(See Module 5 of GrowBIG Training or Chapter 5 of The Snowball System for how to do use the Give To Get method without fail, at scale.)

100% Reactive Scenario: Answer RFPs

  • 100 hours of people time per RFP
  • $1,000,000 / year of potential work with 1 potential client
  • 10% chance of winning
  • Expected return = $100,000

100% Proactive Scenario: Create demand by investing in the best potential clients using our Give To Get approach

  • 100 hours of people time, spread across 4 potential clients (25 hours invested in each potential client)
  • $4,000,000 / year of potential work (4 potential clients x $1M each)
  • 75% chance of winning each of the 4 opportunities due to our deep and helpful investment
  • Expected return = $3,000,000

Switching from being reactive to proactively investing has 30x more value!


As a former actuary, I like 30x returns- seeing 30x returns for my clients makes my heart -- and HP12C -- sing.

We've done this exercise 100s of times. 

While the percentages, hours, and average contract values change a lot across the ~500 clients we've worked with, the 30x is remarkably consistent. 

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