I am beyond excited to launch a new innovative program. 

We're partnering with Elon University to use The Snowball System as a course book for a sales management class. 

Even better, the students are USING The Snowball System to SELL The Snowball System. 

It's an experiential project selling Snowball books and worth 20% of their grade. 

We're giving HUGE training bonuses to people who buy books through the Elon students. 

The best part?

Not only did we donate all the books for the class, and did I visit campus to coach the classes personally, but we're paying for the top 8 students to:

  • Come to Atlanta
  • Attend our full 3-day, world class GrowBIG business development training
  • Network with seasoned business development veterans in the class
  • Attend a VIP dinner with business development leaders to network and learn
  • And...they will receive the Big Baller award that they can put on their resume.

I met all the students yesterday and they are SHARP. Impressive! 

If you're considering buying Snowball System books for any reason, let me know. 

I can connect you with an Elon student who can explain the major bonuses you'd get to purchase through them. 

I'm not making this up -- there's over $40,000 of training value to buy about $1,300 in books. 

Don't wait. The bonuses expire on November 18. 

This is so cool!!!