So many professionals speak to meet new clients. But it rarely works. 

The problem? They don't write a speech that converts the 1:many in the room to 1:1 conversations afterwards. Participants like the new business. 

Lots of hours preparing, no results.

So what works?

  1. Insightful, clear and engaging content is a start...but...
  2. You also have to prepare the audience member to want to talk afterwards...and...
  3. Have a compelling offer to talk 1 on 1 after the event. 

We call the compelling offer a Give to Get. That's where they'll start seeing your big brain in action...solving THEIR problems, showing that they need you.

Want to get better? Grade yourself. How are you doing on 1, 2 and 3 above? 

Don't settle for just being a great speaker. That's not enough. Build a process to convert that 1:many audience to 1:1 conversations. 

You won't get hired on the stage. 

You'll get hired in the call or meeting a few weeks later.

Make more of those meetings happen and you'll bring in more business.

(And if you want to turn your hard-spent hours into actual business, break out your copy of The Snowball System. Chapter Six, called Lead Tactics, will show you what to do make all your effort pay off.)